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Xsomo: Appealing to Local Consumers

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

About Xsomo

Xsomo International Limited, originally Moore’s Business Forms Limited, is a tech-savvy printing company in Kingston, Jamaica. Mainly catering to large businesses, they specialise in customized stationery, business forms, full-colour promotional prints, and digital solutions to help businesses manage data electronically.

The problem

Xsomo wanted to expand their target market to reach the average Jamaican consumer and small/micro business owners. Although they had consumer printing products, such as business cards and product labels, they were primarily recognized as an organization that mainly served the printing needs of large corporate businesses.

They had been trying for years to redevelop their brand internally on both social media and online to appeal to small businesses and regular consumers, but were not seeing the large impact that they expected. They wanted a marketing company that could not only provide results, but understand their brand and company culture on a deeper level to present their story to their target audience.

The solution

Starting in October 2019, Adtelligent worked along with Xsomo’s sales team to understand more of what made them one of the top printing companies in Jamaica.

We understood that it was not only the exceptional service and adherence to client confidentiality, but also the warm, friendly aura of Xsomo’s team that made their clients stick with them. This was the pull behind Xsomo’s brand and something we wanted to draw on.

We created a social media campaign to promote their new ‘Crack and Peel’ labels targeted towards small, business owners. This campaign contained video testimonials from small to medium-sized business owners who boasted the high quality of Xsomo’s labels and why they would use them above all else.

This was accompanied by a custom landing page (see image on left) for their crack and peel labels that captured the amiable essence of Xsomo and guided persons to place an order online. These orders were compiled and sent to the Xsomo sales team to close.

This lead database was also another big win for Xsomo, as it gave them valuable information on small-medium sized business owners(name, email address, number) so that Xsomo could expand their customer base.

The landing page was also outfitted with Google Analytics, which showed detailed statistics of the type of users on the page, and where they were coming from so we could make constant adjustments to the campaign accordingly.

To further elevate Xsomo’s brand, custom graphics were made for social media advertising their Crack and Peel services and promoting the assets that pushed Xsomo above their competitors such as their fast turn-around time, island-wide delivery and friendly staff.

The results

The engagement on Xsomo’s social media page skyrocketed! Their brand image had shifted from a premier B2B brand to a multifaceted printery that catered for all businesses, from microbusinesses to large corporations.

The Xsomo team were also amazed that they finally found a team that captured the essence of who they were, their ‘brand story’, and shared that story with their target market.

The Stats as of February 2020

  • 125 Qualified Leads

  • Over 570,000 Video Views

  • Over 3.5 Million Impressions

  • Over 425,000 Unique People Reached

  • 590x increase in Page Reach

  • 20% increase in total Page Views

  • 25% increase in Page Likes

  • Over 4,800 Landing Page Users

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