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An ambitious team that helps you grow.

We're guided by an unflinching focus on quality, creativity, and consistency. We use well-designed content to improve your digital experiences, allowing your business to thrive. 

Our History

A story worth telling

Adtelligent opened its doors on May 29, 2018, to a team of passionate young professionals with a goal of bringing a cost-effective, creative, and analytical approach to the Jamaican marketing industry.

Launching at the peak of the digital age, Adtelligent sought to find a way to maximize on the marketing industry’s paradigm shift. The general public became absorbed in the world of technology, social media and blogs – the internet took the place of reading newspapers, watching television and listening to the radio. People were no longer interested in traditional advertising, and conventional marketing strategies were becoming inefficient.

Thus, Adtelligent was born.

Guided by an unflinching focus on quality, creativity, and consistency, our passionate team rose to the challenge of revolutionizing the marketing industry in Jamaica, and subsequently the world. Our skills in marketing, campaign management, content creation, data analytics, digital advertising platforms, and web development aided us in creating airtight marketing strategies that helped our clients to elevate their brands on a growing digital scale.


Today, Adtelligent is one of the fastest-growing digital media firms in Jamaica. We have helped many clients worldwide exceed their marketing goals and have used carefully crafted and strategically placed content to improve their digital brand and help their business thrive.

 “Finally! Someone put intelligence into the ad budget.”


Our Executives


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Video Editor


Head, Web Development

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Our happy customers

We’ve worked with hotels, banks, government officials, celebrities, manufacturers, NGOs and more. We’re ready to work with you.



Marketing Manager, Gateway Credit Union

I am impressed. Not only with the delivery but with their professionalism. I love that we can just tell them what we want, or the direction we’re looking and that’s it. They will give you the graphics, or recordings that just matches exactly what you wanted. We’re married to Adtelligent now, with no intent to divorce!



Special Project Engineer, Konnexx

The videos that Adtelligent produced have been seen by almost everyone we know. Not only was the video recognized, but from the day that our website was launched, we've received positive feedback from our executive team and from outside persons as well. We've had over a year-long relationship with Adtelligent, and they've been consistent in communication with us up to this point.



Sales & Marketing Manager, Jamaica Inn

Adtelligent always surprises us with innovative strategies to reach our marketing goals. Since working with them, we've seen an increase in bookings and website traffic from target market locations. They tackle challenging requests with a fresh new perspective. No task is too difficult for this amazing team!

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