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PSOJ Building Wealth Virtual Conference

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

About PSOJ

The Private Sector Organization (PSOJ) was founded in 1976. It is a national organization that brings together private sector associations, businesses, and individuals to promote a competitive and productive private sector.

The PSOJ Building Wealth Virtual Conference was created to aid in discovering the best ways to understand, generate and maintain wealth for individuals, families and businesses.

The Problem

The PSOJ wanted to engage a large number of businesses, families and individuals across the Caribbean to teach them about wealth creation. They needed a strategy for efficiently hosting, streaming, and promoting the conference to their targeted audience. Adtelligent was brought in to help.

The Solution

We collaborated closely with the PSOJ to conduct a Conference aimed at assisting folks in better understanding what wealth is and how to create and manage wealth for themselves, their business and future generations.

To get the general public engaged in the event and excited about how they could benefit from it, an extensive amount of campaigning was done. Both local and international advertisements were employed with the appropriate laser targeting strategies used.

Adtelligent was in charge of all conference hosting, live streaming, and social media management, including responding to messages and comments about the conference, as well as website construction for easy registration.

The Result

Not only did Adtelligent’s strategy enhance the PSOJ's social media reach, but it also drove visitors to the PSOJ's registration landing page, increased the number of persons who registered on both days, and exceeded expectations for live views of the event.

  • Total Leads: 4,003

  • Total Number of Viewers: 4,675

  • Total Engagement: 9,586

  • New Followers: 944

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