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Gateway: Website & Annual Report

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

About Gateway

Gateway Credit Union was formed in 2017 after the merging of the Hanover and Montego Bay Credit Unions. Situated in Western Jamaica, Gateway’s clientele are mainly persons residing in Cornwall county. It is the 6th largest credit union in Jamaica and caters to over 60,000 members in the Cornwall Region.

The Problem

Gateway reached out to Adtelligent in April 2019 with the hopes of improving their social media image. Being a newly formed credit union, it was imperative to hold their place amongst longstanding, well-recognized Credit unions and develop a new post-merger identity.

Their online presence was the main factor, their website was out-of-date and there was a shortage of knowledge on Gateway’s products and services online. As a result, their staff was being overwhelmed with an influx of calls asking basic questions.

In addition to online presence, Gateway had little to no social media presence, with low social media engagement across all platforms.

The Solution

Adtelligent sought a way to elevate Gateway to its own unique post-merger identity. Our team ran laser target campaigns promoting their brand, product and services. In addition, custom graphics of their products, services as well as Gateway’s brand and values were designed to be posted regularly on their social media pages.

Our web development team created a world-class, professional website with a custom design and easy-to-use navigation. To increase knowledge on Gateway’s products, multiple video series was created highlighting stories of members who thrived after reaching out to Gateway.

Website - AFTER

Billboard Graphic

To boost awareness, a brand blockade was created that not only showcased Gateway online but also offline using dynamic billboard campaigns.

Lastly, to account for the influx of calls, our teams came together to create and integrate an informative virtual assistant that facilitated clients’ frequently asked questions speedily 24/7.

The Results

As of December 2019, Gateway was ranked the 2nd Financial Institution in Jamaica for Facebook Engagement. They have a unique post-merger identity that separates them from their competitors and stays true to their brand promise. It has moved to one of the most well-known credit unions in Western Jamaica.

The Stats from April 2019 - May 2020

  • Over 500,000 People Reached

  • Over 14 Million Ads Delivered

  • Over 900 Hours of Videos Watched

  • Over 1 Million Video Views

  • Approx 6B in Potential leads

  • Over 850 leads

  • Approx 2000 followers

  • 200x increase in Page Views

Since the new website launch in October 2019 - May 2020

  • Over 200 Member Sign-ups

  • Over 11,000 website users

  • Over 3000 Chabot messages

  • Over 250 Product Applications


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