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Jamaica Inn: Growing a Luxury Hotel's International Reach

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

About Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn is a luxury boutique hotel in Ocho Rios, Jamaica that attracts high-income tourists from all across the globe. Since 1950 until now, Jamaica Inn has been ranked as one of the best resort hotels in the Caribbean with a bounty of stellar reviews.

The problem

Although a top-rated resort, Jamaica Inn was having a problem attracting guests from all across the globe, specifically countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Eastern Europe due to the long flight times to Jamaica.

This was also the key to making these guests so valuable, as longer flight times meant that they were likely to spend a longer time at the hotel.

The solution

We understood that as a smaller resort, it would take something special to set them apart from their competitors in this new target market.

We took the time to research each country and the type of persons that would likely want to spend two weeks at a luxury hotel in Jamaica, and then to find out what appealed to them.

Jamaica Inn was a resort visited by the greats of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Ian Flemming among others, that was something that had to be highlighted to the English audience.

This fact immediately intrigued persons from all across the UK, and brides-to-be who “had to have” at the luxury resort where their favourite celebrities had stayed.

For our European audience, advertising campaigns and landing pages were translated into their mother tongue, whether it be French, German or Swedish and then checked over by native speakers from each country.

Google Search campaigns promoting their packages and deals were shown at the top of results to all persons searching online for products and services related to Jamaica Inn such as “beach wedding”, “Jamaican hotel in Ocho Rios” or “Jamaican hotel and spa”.

What started out as a small advertising campaign grew as more and more persons worldwide wanted to know more about this “Jamaica Inn”.

As more and more leads came in, our approach widened to hotel specials and deals, landing pages for top-rated hotel packages and soon we were advertising to countries all across the globe.

The results

Bookings to Jamaica Inn from the UK and Eastern Europe increased significantly and they wanted to advertise again to their original market in the United States.

Jamaica Inn remains a 5-star review on popular hotel sites with over 1700 reviews from persons all around the world. It has also been the #1 rated hotel in Ocho Rios on TripAdvisor since 2018 and has won numerous categories from the World Travel Awards, including The Romantic Escape landing page and The UK Weddings landing page.

The Stats

  • Over 80 Prospective Weddings for Jamaica Inn’s weddings special packages

  • Over 4.5 Million Ads Delivered in the UK, France, Sweden, Germany and the United States

  • Over 38,000 Link Clicks

  • Average Lead Value of $9,940 USD

  • Approx $825,000 USD in Total Leads



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