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EPOC “On the Corner” Series: Creating Viral Series Around Economic Issues

About EPOC

The Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC) was established in 2013 to oversee the implementation of Jamaica's economic reform initiatives under the terms of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement.

The EPOC will monitor the fiscal, monetary, and financial sector indicators covered by the three-year Precautionary Stand-By Arrangement (PSBA), as the GOJ seeks to maintain the macroeconomic stability achieved under the previous agreement, with a renewed focus on growth and job creation while remaining fiscally responsible.

The problem

EPOC reached out to Adtelligent in 2019 with the hopes of creating content that would educate and introduce average Jamaicans to what was considered to be “high-level” economic topics, in an engaging, thought-provoking way.

The project should center on creating a series that would be easily digestible and allow Jamaicans to be more aware of EPOC’s role in the country. It would allow for more conversations to take place surrounding issues affecting the Jamaican economy in places they might never have been happening before.

The solution

We created a simplified version of tough economic situations for EPOC and presented it in a way that is easily digested by the average Jamaican. In doing so our marketing strategy led us to create two series "EPOC: On the Corner" (pre-pandemic) and "EPOC in the Streets" (during the pandemic).

In both series, we took feedback from Jamaicans going about their day and proposed it to members of EPOC and other stakeholders who addressed, explained, and provided context and clarity on their economic situations.

Adtelligent has seen incredible results coming from the production of both series with general understanding of the topics discussed having increased within the intended target audience. This was the first series of its kind featuring a private sector industry leading organizations, speaking directly to Jamaicans in such a candid way.

The result

Adtelligent’s most popular videos for EPOC have been its “On the Corner” series. These feature, EPOC Chair, Keith Duncan, talking in-person with members of communities like Arnett Gardens, Dunrobin and Gregory Park about issues affecting the Jamaican economy.

Milestones for “On the Corner” series

As shown above, the On the Corner series created a large uptick in views on EPOC’s page. When we released the On the Corner: Arnett Gardens video in Nov 2019 (after a year of not releasing any On the Corner videos), there was a massive surge in views.

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