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Team Members

Craig Powe

Craig Powe

Chief Executive Officer

A charismatic salesman, logician, and the chief architect behind Adtelligent. He has several years of experience in digital marketing, and his deep understanding of the algorithms of online marketing is the spearhead behind the unique marketing strategies that have elevated Adtelligent from being a small team to a profitable company.

Craig is a talented young executive whose ability to brainstorm and understand data and numbers allows him to drive the team towards the client’s goal. His unique skill sets are in line with his company’s vision of being a fast-learning organization creating a global footprint and becoming the number 1 place to work for talented, ambitious, young professionals in Jamaica.

Christopher Derrell

Christopher Derrell

Head, Web Development

A multiple-award winning software developer who in his role, manages the user experience, architecture, and development to create internationally acclaimed websites. His websites have spanned multiple industries, different countries and various languages, and are recognized globally as leaders in technological innovation.

⋆ 8 years of experience in Software Development​

⋆ Bachelor of Science (BSc)(Hons.) in Computer Science and Economics

⋆ Skills in Adobe Photoshop​

⋆ Expert in Javascript, HTML & CSS, Node.js , PHP, Java, Python

⋆ Certified in Google Analytics

Richard Stewart

Richard Stewart

Chief Video Editor

Richard Stewart is in charge of overseeing and executing key marketing strategies as well as managing and creating video content. He is one of the first members of the Adtelligent team and had a primary role in elevating the company to where it is today.

⋆ Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)(Hons.) in Integrated Marketing Communications​

⋆ 7 Years of experience in Digital Marketing and Film Production

⋆ Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop and After Effects​

⋆ Experience in Public Relations

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