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Free Business Basics Bootcamp: Laying Foundations for Jamaican Success
Free Business Basics Bootcamp: Laying Foundations for Jamaican Success

sáb, 18 nov


Location is TBD

Free Business Basics Bootcamp: Laying Foundations for Jamaican Success

Advancing Jamaican aspirations Through Inclusive Capitalism - a Free Session on business basic skills From Craig Powe And Douglas Orane ICTAN (Inclusive Capitalism & Trade Advancement Network) Tagline: *Advancing ACP Aspirations through Inclusive Capitalism."

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Horario y ubicación

18 nov 2023, 12:30 – 16:00

Location is TBD

Acerca del evento

Adtelligent CEO Craig Powe and Former CEO and Chairman of Grace Kennedy Douglas Orane are putting on a free business workshop for

Small and Micro Business owners in Jamaica and potential business owners.

Note from Craig

After Many conversations in the marketplace and the success of our content on TikTok, we have gotten 100s of messages from small business owners across Jamaica who want to learn about running a business.

I believe that Jamaicans are some of the most creative people on the planet and that if we learn basic capitalism and management skills, we unlock our country's potential by unlocking the potential of its people and its entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs Create wealth and jobs, pay taxes and are inherently good for the country. We need more entrepreneurs in Jamaica and the entrepreneurs to have more skills to run better businesses.

This course is an introductory course. It isn't for those with MBAs, fancy degrees, big businesses, or top executives. Those people are delicate and can access other resources. This is for the average person who wants to better themselves, open their business, get promoted or make money, and be respected in their community.

Capitalism is beautiful when it is inclusive and taught in a structured manner as a tool for people to empower themselves.

For whatever reason, the school system and the broader world in general that most people live in don't give out the skills that people need to start and run a business. So, most business owners in Jamaica get stuck at the base level and find it a struggle. 

Companies are supposed to be challenging, but they should be making you money, and you should live an extraordinary life in Jamaica that is proportional to your effort.

We just want to show you the frameworks and the tools people are using globally and in Jamaica that make their effort a bit more efficient, which is why they can go to Miami 10x a year and buy their dream car and own two houses while some people running their business barely can have a car and make school fee payments.

Seperately we also believe that businesses also offer an awesome alternative to the traditional path, and it is quite silly that there are many jamaicans making more money than those in jobs by running a business and many people in the country are sitting down and wondering why.

How does that man make 800,000 dollars a month from doing that simple thing while I make so much less and im giving up all my time? We are also not cool with that. 

We want people to feel that the awesome power of capitalism and a business is accesible to anybody and everybody as long as they have the intetion to work hard, and put some effort into learning the tried and proven tools that have made many rich before.

We believe that it is a combination of Luck and personal effort that creates wealth, Knowing the right people, right places and being trained in a way of thinking that allows somebody with their effort to go out there and get wealth.

This class aims This class aims to remove the luck part, And with the skill you gain, it will be up to you on your personal effort to go out there and create your own company and therefore add to the wealth of our nation.



Welcome & Opening Prayer  12:30 - 12:40 pm

Craig Powe 12:40 - 2:30 pm

  • Lecture & Work Session

Tentative Topics and Time: (Can change based of responses

  • BCG Star Matrix - Choosing the right business - 10 minutes
  • How to identify different types of employees and their needs - 10 minutes
  • Diminishing Returns - 10 minutes
  • The goal of a company how to increase and make a profit - 10 Minutes
  • Cost Theory - Continuation of Actionable Business Pipeline: - 30 Minutes
  • Fixed & Variable Costs - 10 Minutes
  • Utilization Rate and depreciated assets - 15 minutes
  • Pricing - 15 Minutes

Refreshment Break  2:30 - 3:00 pm

Inside the Mind of a Successful Leader 3:00 - 4:00 pm

  • Q&A w/ Douglas Orane

Closing 3:45 - 4:00 pm

Networking 4:00 - 4:30 pm (pelase feel free to leave)

Everyone must leave the venue by 4:45


  • Free TICKET

    Includes Refreshments, And attendance to free seminar, No Money just Training. Due to weather Event might be switched to The following Saturday

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